Below are the Committee Chairs for the 2016-17 school year.  Click on a chairperson’s name to send them an email and find out how you can volunteer!  You can also login to Charms to sign up to volunteer for events.  Here is a detailed description of the committee positions.  

Volunteer Coordinator                                 Sharon Davenport

Band Camp Hydration                          Roe Mulvihill & ___________________

Car Show                                                     Canceled

Color Guard Liaison                                       Sharon Davenport

Color Guard Flags                                            Tracey Kalinowski & Ida Compton

Concessions Coordinator                       Available

Stand 1 Leader                                     Marika Kelly

Stand 2 Leader                                    Julie Leal-Ross

Pizza/Chikfila/Coke                          Donell Moose

Grill Sergeant                                     David Whatley –confirmed

Dining to Donate                                           Kim Minamyer

Email Communications                                 Cynthia Richley

Feeding Frenzy                                             Addys Vasquez

Field Maintenance                                         Travis Williams-confirmed

Hospitality/Event Chair                                Tracie Cullen/Becky Broyles

Hotel Planning/Delaware                            Kathi Markham

Marching Classic                                           John Maxwell

Media                                                              Sherry McIntyre

Pit Crew                                                          John Maxwell

Scholarship Chair                                          Amy Shay

Scrip                                                               Amy Brand

Spring Craft Show                                         Teresa Woodworth

Spirit Wear                                                    Joann Gabris/Tina Anderson

Uniform Chair                                                Sally Maxwell/Teresa Woodworth

Ways and Means/Sponsorship                   Becky Myers

Website                                                          Jeff Richley